We sing

turning round and round...


Orange Panda(male):
Hair->*Drot* -Winston- Pastels
Headphone-> [HD]Petphone (11)=Panda orange=@Arcade Dec2015
Sweater-> [Iruco] High neck jumper (Border-A) M
Pants->[Sheep Door] Dropped Skinny Red male(S)
Bag-> / XIAJ / Postman Bag (khaki)
Shoes->Mikunch / Sloppy Shoes W/O shoelace / suede red
Guitar-> Namine guitar D-250 CCB Special Edition_r for male(wear)

Yellow Bare(female):
Knit hat-> [KiiKO] Teddy bear -yellow@CCB Nov 2015
 Hair-> [taketomi]_Chiyo_DippuDye03
 Jacket->  RONSEM* Military JK / khaki (female)
 Bag-> [sYs] SKULL bag - used denim/ black leather
 Skirt-> AMERIE - Denim Skirt(Dark)
 Shoes-> {mon tissu} Favorite Leather Flats
 Accordion-> HPMD* Wooden accordion

ALL POSE:[HD]Kirakira Multi pose M&F (22 to 27 )@Kirakira nov 2015

Arms, Neck and Legs have different variation for each poses. Make your own from astronomic combinations!

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